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Hey! My name's Willow, I'm non-binary (they/them), and I run this lil corner of the internet. This is my first time trying to make a website or anything so apologies for the messiness, but I'm workin on it. Iiiiii also don't know html but youtube tutorials are showing me the way! Big shoutouts to that one guy who crams like a months worth of coding stuff into 30 minutes, big thankies my dude. I've got some pretty crazy plans for this site though again, I've gotta learn the stuff first, so stay tuned.

Note to self and anyone reading this, I plan on making some sort of on-site message board if that's possibly so let me know what u think about that or if you would like anything added over on my neocities profile, I'll try my best to take in community feedback and the such.

Double note to self, make a page for weird gifs, like this one:

The Place Where I Put The Update Messages

January 17th 2020

I had the bright idea to start putting new sites at the top rather than the bottom, cause in terms of returning users it'll make it easier to see the new ones. Still trying to figure out the random website button, I'll find a tutorial for it eventually (when I stop being lazy).

December 2019 Update

Hey, me again. I've been slacking a bit on the updates to this site and I don't have any excuses to give, just leaving a note in here to say THIS SITE AINT DEAD!! I'm currently going through a weird website dry spell, and I'll only be posting pretty infrequently until that ends (hopefully soon). I've got a couple ideas on how to expand this site a bit, stuff like a random website button or a page for music, but that's stuff that I'm holding out on probably until I've got a break from school. With winter break coming up, I'll get some time to hang around the weird corners of the internet again and hopefully find something interesting, terrifying, strange or maybe all of em.

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