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Hey! My name's Willow, I'm non-binary (she/they), and I run this lil corner of the internet. This is my first time trying to make a website or anything so apologies for the messiness, but I'm workin on it. Iiiiii also don't know html but youtube tutorials are showing me the way! Big shoutouts to that one guy who crams like a months worth of coding stuff into 30 minutes, thank a million dude. I've got some pretty crazy plans for this site though again, I've gotta learn the stuff first, so stay tuned.

Note to self and anyone reading this, I plan on making some sort of on-site message board if that's possibly so let me know what u think about that or if you would like anything added over on my neocities profile, I'll try my best to take in community feedback and the such.

Double note to self, make a page for weird gifs, like this one:

The Place Where I Put The Update Messages

January 20th 2021

Really need to fix this place up, lotta dead linx and mistakes in the code. id pretty it up but yknow...motivation :/ promise ill get on it hopefully soon

November 20th 2020

Added the !!FEATURED NEOCITY!! box in the Neocities tab, exclusively to feature SITK

June 18th 2020

Added a couple sites, haven't been as passionate about finding em lately since I've got such an expansive collection already. New sites I find are usually much less exciting than the ones I already have and I am unfortunately very picky about which ones I like to put on here. Been focusing a bit more on my own art, and while I'm not going to drag on about that I brought it up because of the new background! It's a piece of glitch art I made a bit under a month ago that I thought looked pretty cool. Figured almost anything's better than that awful gif that I stole off pinterest, eyestrain central.

March 9th 2020

Biggest amount of site additions in a while, been hoarding all of em to myself and finally got around to posted em. Main reason they hadn't been saved to the WWA was because they weren't on my home laptop, either my phone, school computer, or just in muh brain. A few of them are also stolen from Melon Kingdom, check them out, really cool site that I might steal ideas from in the future. I hope my recent interest in generators of all types is obvious, probably 5 or 6 of em added in todays update, enjoy generating things!

March 5th 2020

Alright, so this isn't exactly a relevant update to the site, but I released an album. I know, I know, I'm completely shameless for promoing it like this but I've been working on it for a while and really wanna get word out there about it. Though I'm not totally sure what genre other people would put me in, I'd consider what I'm making queer, folk punk, emo, all those genres that would probably make you go "ew i don't want to listen to that," and that's kinda the idea. A lot of the music I listen to tends to follow that of finding a very niche audience and I think that's where I am atm. Enjoy it if you want, complain if you want (email me or send me death threats through discord!), but either way thanks for listening

February 29th 2020

Figured out how to embed videos, it's pretty much the same as photos just slightly more lines... credit to whatever site I stole the code off of. For now vimeo vids still aren't going to be embedded cause of some weird link shit that I have yet to figure out. I've found a recent interest in what you might call "maze sites," websites that have about a thousand links per page and they all lead somewhere with even more links. Recent favorites are superbad, which isn't even close to new but I'd only recently found out about it, and kraag/ktaag (aka id m theft able). Found kraag/ktaag through possible the best series of events leading to the discovery of a website in human history. I was on vacation in Portland, Maine, browsing random record shops (because what else was there to do in Maine besides shop and be a lumberjack :p), and I found a little basket labelled "weirdly packaged music" or something along those lines. Inside was a case for a VHS tape with the words id m theft able on the front. Inside were 4 cassettes, all spray painted different colors. Didn't buy it, it was 10 bucks (reasonable price, that's just too big of a decision for me to make), but I did google em after and found the site. As of today, it's at the top of the list on the site so def check it out. Leads to some veryyy weird places

January 17th 2020

I had the bright idea to start putting new sites at the top rather than the bottom, cause in terms of returning users it'll make it easier to see the new ones. Still trying to figure out the random website button, I'll find a tutorial for it eventually (when I stop being lazy).

December 2019 Update

Hey, me again. I've been slacking a bit on the updates to this site and I don't have any excuses to give, just leaving a note in here to say THIS SITE AINT DEAD!! I'm currently going through a weird website dry spell, and I'll only be posting pretty infrequently until that ends (hopefully soon). I've got a couple ideas on how to expand this site a bit, stuff like a random website button or a page for music, but that's stuff that I'm holding out on probably until I've got a break from school. With winter break coming up, I'll get some time to hang around the weird corners of the internet again and hopefully find something interesting, terrifying, strange or maybe all of em.

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